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[about heading=”” descriptionfirst=”Mission & Vision: We believe that change starts from within, so our Vision is to make every one aware about their social responsibility and ensure that tomorrow will be the better place to leave for the next generation. Our Mission is to educate every child and make them healthy ” descriptionsecond=”OUR STORY begins at HK College of Ahmedabad, when four friends from same college met after long time and they went to near by tea stall. A poor kid who serve them tea has small study book on his pocket and he use to start reading it after he deliver tea. We asked him about it and he replied..” descriptionthird=”I have books but not enough funds to buy my Notebooks. We all friend looks at each other and contribute a fund and bought him boooks. From that day we thought to start something for such children and V HELP Foundation journey begins”][services_container] [services icon=”pencil” heading=”education” description=” We designed Project Vidhya to help children under poverty line with Notebooks and stationeries. We organize seminars for Career Guidance and Exam phobia for school students,” buttontext=”Read More” buttonlink=”#”] [services icon=”stethoscope” heading=”health” description=”We designed Project Vatsalya to help children under final stage of Cancer on first week of Auguest every year on the occasion of Friendship Day to share their pain with different activities.,” buttontext=”Read More” buttonlink=”#”] [services icon=”umbrella” heading=”protect” description=”We designed Project Jivan Sandhya for respected senior members of Old Age Home. We celebrate Holi festival with them to bring colors in to their life far away of their own home ,” buttontext=”Read More” buttonlink=”#”] [services icon=”cutlery” heading=”food aid” description=”We designed Project Annpurna to provide provision and food to families below poverty line on every Diwali festival to bring lightning smile on their faces. It also brings Hope for coming year in their life,” buttontext=”Read More” buttonlink=”#”] [/services_container]